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Welcome to my homepage.

What will you find on my page? Well, that's kinda hard telling you just like that. There is a lot you can find here. First of all, you can download my A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) directory browser, H98 at iSYS. That's the place to be if you're looking for my programming stuff.  Only 8 kb! We have the Ford Puma Page, which contains information on the newest cars on this globe, not only the wonderful Puma. You can visit Audrey's page (my girlfriend), and send her an email; she will appreciate it. And, if you are Dutch, definitly pay a visit to the 'Snelcursus HTML'! It's a real instant quick guide to HTML programming and Web development. This free, but yet copyrighted by myself, tutorial is the first Dutch one on earth to be published on the net! Also, check out my links. If you would like to add your site, just send me an email. I will be glad to add your page. In the meanwhile, check out my second site MAT II at NeutralZone. And of course you can email me - you can see me at Mat. Any comments, or whatever are welcome. 

Have a nice surf,

Mat Deny

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