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Name: Mat Deny
Country: BELGIUM
Studies: Information Science
Platforms: ASM, Basic, C, Cobol, Java, MS, Oracle, Pascal, RPG

Note: Currently I'm programming in Borland C++ Builder, the biggest thing of the moment. I'm getting at JAVA (and all other related fuss) which is considered as the language of the future. For the billions of human beings out there who never heard about RPG: don't panic, you're normal. It's just a language for the popular IBM minisystem AS/400. And Oracle, that's just the second biggest software company of the world. I'm working with their Developer & Designer 2000. Kinda fun. MS stands for Microsoft :) MS means a bit of everything they ever released: Visual Basic, Access, ActiveX...

I'm a senior student, and a Dolmen be-employee as software engineer and most likely functional analyst. Dolmen is a leading IT provider in Belgium. You can visit Dolmen by clicking on the link above.